Be allerted when a major meteorological event comes in your area.

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As low as 0,99$*

For this price you will receive forever alerts regarding the arrival of events such as cloudstorms, snowstorms, hight temperatures and so on**.

* = The price may vary depending on the country where the purchase takes place.
** = please read DISCLAIMER.

Features of this App

Other than easy understandable alerts about major meteorological events

Automatic positioning

By using GPS and NETWORK information, the application will calculate the meteorological events around you. Without any additional effort!

Simple icons

No longer need a meteorological expertise. A simple icon will show the expected event without any need to interpret the data.

Widget ready

You can put a widget on your home screen, so that the application can periodically check for the arrival of major weather events.

Notification alerts

Get notified when the event is coming, up to five days in advance!

Do not take you by surprise anymore.

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